About Natick Summer Programs

For over 29 years, Natick has offered summer programs for students entering grades Pre-K-12 and beyond. We offer week-long courses for learning, credit recovery, enrichment, exploration as well as strength and conditioning. Join us this summer!

Strength and Conditioning, Summer Enrichment and Summer Scholars sessions are available for any student who wishes to register for them. Please note that the Extended School Year and Credit Recovery programs are offered to those who qualify.

Natick Summer Programs is a self-supporting program open to all students without regard to sex, race, religion, color, or national origin.

What program is right for my child?

Do you have an Athlete looking to stay sharp over the summer?

This program has multiple groupings. Please register for the appropriate section.

DO YOU HAVE A Child Looking for A full summer experience?

This program is divided into different subsections. Please register for the correct grade level.

Would you like Academics only support for your child?

45 minutes each day of strictly academic focus.

does your Student receive special education services?

Guardians: You will be informed if ​this is the right program for your ​child. Reach out to ​natickesy@natickps.org with ​additional questions.

do you have a Learning ​Center Student who ​wants a complete ​Morning?

Register for Summer Enrichment with the Code Provided

Guardians: You will be informed if this is the right program for your child.

Reach out to natickesy@natickps.org with additional questions.

do you have a High School Student Looking to recover credits?

Students qualifying for this program will be told directly. Do not register unless you have been informed

by your school counselor.

Need more Information before signing up?

Reach out to the Principal for general questions or the Program Directors for specific questions.






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2024 Natick Summer Program Offerings

Summer 2024

summer Enrichment

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Want your child to have the full summer experience?

These programs are offered to ALL students in grades K-8. We are excited to announce that for the first time in ​program history, ALL students will be given a sampling of all of Natick Summer Learning’s most beloved classes ​from previous years throughout the course of the week! New this year, families that register for Summer ​Enrichment will be signing up their children for a week’s worth of two pre-selected academic courses and three ​pre-selected enrichment classes that match their rising grade level. Groupings will be made based on the ​student’s grade in fall 2024. Please sign up for the group that best fits your child’s age.

Kinder Kickstart (For rising kindergarteners): A very fun introduction to school!

Kid’s Club (For rising 1st-2nd graders): A fan favorite back for another year! Students will move through different ​blocks that include fun enrichments, math extensions, and literacy activities.

Elementary Experience (For rising 3rd-5th graders): Modeled after Kid’s Club, yet tailored to upper elementary​ students. ​

Middle School Mania (For rising 6th-8th graders): A balanced mix of enrichment classes paired with academics​ and executive functioning skills.​

Every child in this program will get enrichment AND academics (reinforcement, challenge, or executive​ functioning skills) automatically when enrolled. Please DO NOT sign up for Summer Scholars as well. ​

More detailed information can be found in our 2024 Enrichment Brochure.​

Days: Monday - Thursday ​

Time: 8:00 am - 12:15 pm​

Location: Natick High School​

Session Schedule​

SESSION 1: JULY 8-11 ​

SESSION 2: JULY 15-18​

SESSION 3: JULY 22-25​



Contact: summer@natickps.org

Cost per session: $300 (this includes five 45-minute sessions per day Monday - Thursday)​

Summer 2024

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Summer Scholars

The Summer Scholars courses are designed for students looking for academics only. Students will have ​45 minutes of academic courses each day alternating between math and ELA. Enroll your students by ​their grade for fall 2024.

Please check Active.com for the most up-to-date schedule and timing.

Days: Monday - Thursday

Time: 8:00 am - 12:15 pm

Location: Natick High School

Session Schedule






Contact: summer@natickps.org

Cost per session: $60

Summer 2024

Extended School Year

Extended School Year is available for students who currently receive Special Education services. Eligible students are recommended by a student's Special Education Team. The academic and social-emotional focus of ESY is to prevent regression of progress made during the school year. If you have questions regarding whether or not your child is eligible for ESY, please contact your child’s case manager.

Please Note: To better our program, Extended School Year has made some changes to the way our programs will run; specifically for Learning Center students and Middle School Compass Program students. Please read our flyer carefully to learn more about these exciting updates. If you have any questions, please email Stephanie Verrette and Morgan Kokol (program directors) at natickesy@natickps.org.

Learning Center Students: We strongly encourage students who received learning center support to register for our full Summer Enrichment program to make the most of what NSL has to offer! Students are offered a discounted rate to accommodate for academic service time.

Pre-K Students: Please click the “Register Now” link above.

Days: Monday - Thursday

Time: 8:00 am - 12:15 pm

Extended Day Option: 12:15 - 2:45 ***Available for $150 a week

Extended Day Information: Extended day is offered for students who have just finished their kindergarten year and older and are receiving ESY services through their IEP. The extended day runs from 12:15-2:45 for a cost of $150 per week. Financial assistance is available. The extended day consists of lunch and two activity blocks. Activities may consist of water games, playground time, indoor crafts, board games, or organized games in the gym. We also take trips to the Natick Organic Farm and Dug Pond, and have visitors come to us such as the Kona Ice Truck!

Location: Natick High School

Session Schedule






Contact: natickesy@natickps.org

Register Now

Summer 2024

Credit Recovery

The Credit Recovery Program is for Natick HS students who need to ​make up course credits. Students will be recommended by their school ​counselors to sign up for this program.

Only current Natick High students recommended by a school ​counselor are eligible for this program.

Days: Monday - Thursday

Time: 8 am - 12 pm

Location: Natick High School

Session Schedule






Contact: jomurphy@natickps.org

Cost: $350 per course

Summer 2024

strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning Program is open to ALL students… both those who play competitive sports as well as those who do not, but simply wish to improve or maintain their overall health and well-being.

We welcome ANY and ALL students (Grades 6-12) in the Natick community who wish to challenge themselves physically and mentally.

Days: Monday - Thursday

Start Date: Monday, June 24

End Date: Thursday, August 8

Note: NO practice on Wednesday (7/3) and Thursday (7/4)

Time: See below for specific times

Location: Natick High School

Session Times

6:30 a.m.: Grade 10-12 Football and 9-12 Co-Ed Early Birds

8:00 a.m.: Grade 9 Football and 9-12 Boys

9:30 a.m.: Grade 6-8 Girls and Grade 9-12 Girls

11:00 a.m.: Grade 6-8 Boys

Contact: ndiantonio@natickps.org

Website: Strength and Conditioning

Cost per session:

Early Bird Registration: $235 (If registered before May 10)

Regular Registration: $260 (Registration submitted after May 10)



Summer 2024

Volunteer opportunities

High School students in grades 10-12 can fulfill their community service requirements through Natick Summer ​Learning. Students who volunteer an entire week could earn up to 18 hours of community service.

Volunteer Guidelines/Expectations:

  • Think you might be a good fit? Read the Volunteer Guidelines to get a sense of the guidelines and ​expectations to make sure that volunteering at Natick Summer Learning or Extended School Year will work for ​you. We would love to have you join our team!

Volunteer Application:

  • Ready to apply? Complete the Volunteer Application to be considered for this summer’s program. Volunteers ​must commit to an entire week(s) to be selected and earn community service hours!

Volunteer Requirements:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Principal Casey at kcasey@natickps.org.

Days: Monday - Thursday

Time: 8:00 am - 12:15 pm

Location: Natick High School

Session Schedule






Contact: kcasey@natickps.org

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child?

This year, we are using Active.com as the signup platform. You can register online at any time!

The Natick Summer Program is also offering two nights of "In-Person Registration Nights" for families that wish to register their child in person. The live registration will take place on Thursday, April 11 and Thursday, May 2 from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm at the Natick High School Main Entrance Lobby. Many program directors will attend if you have questions about a program or want help registering your child. As a reminder, online registration is also available.

I want my child to be with a friend. Can you guarantee that they will be in the same group?

We cannot ensure that your child will be with their friend. Please make sure the children sign up for the same program and group within the program. We anticipate having multiple groups for each grade level. While each group will have the same classes, the order will be different. Reach out to directors if you are concerned.

How many total class sessions will there be throughout the day?

If students sign up for the entire program, they will be scheduled for five 45-minute classes during the day.

My child does not need/does not want the academic portion of the program. Can you make adjustments for my child?

We strongly encourage students to attend the entire program. Academics are only 45 minutes of the day. The activities planned will meet your student's needs through either reinforcement or challenges. This year there will be a large focus on executive functioning skills which are incredibly important for all students. Reach out to directors for further information.

Why is the program setup so different this year?

While we understand this is a big change, this new setup should resolve many of the issues families faced last year. No more canceled classes, no more difficult sign-ups, no more schedule conflicts. We are excited to see many improvements this summer

My child only wants the academic portion of the program. What should I be aware of when registering my child?

If you want your child to only attend for 45 minutes each day to receive academic instruction, please sign up through the Summer Scholars options.

What topics will be covered?

This depends on what program your child signs up for.

  • Students who register for Summer Enrichment at any grade level will take our most popular enrichment classes from previous years. This could include cooking/baking, pondology, pickleball, basketball, jewelry, fuse beads, lego building, chemistry, etc. Additionally, students will take a math and literacy class.
  • Students who register for Summer Scholars will take a math and literacy class.

Where are Pick up and Drop off located?

Drop off and pick up will be at the auditorium doors in front of the high school. When you enter those doors, staff will be at a table to check in your child.

Must I walk up to the auditorium doors in order to drop off/pick up my child?

Drop off and pick up will always be at the auditorium doors in front of the high school. When you enter those doors, staff will be at a table to check in your child.

If your child is a rising 4th grader or older they do not need to be accompanied by an adult to walk into the auditorium. Additionally, they can walk home alone, meet a sibling, or grown up outside. They must check out with the staff before leaving. Remember to complete this form ahead of time in order for your child to dismiss themselves.

If your child is a rising 3rd grader or younger, then you must come inside the auditorium doors in front of the high school to pick up your child. Pick-up and drop-off are the most challenging parts of the day so please be patient as we work through these processes in a manner that is efficient and safe for all participants.

Will students receive breakfast or lunch?

A small grab-and-go snack and lunch will be provided twice during the day. A snack will be provided during the day and a lunch will be provided at the end of the day. There will not be enough snacks and lunches for everyone in the program but anyone who is hungry will be able to grab a snack or lunch.

Am I required to pack a snack or water?

Yes, please pack a snack and water bottle for your child. Students receive a snack break from 10:30-10:45 a.m. daily. We will provide snacks as well as grab-and-go lunches for students in need. No refrigeration or microwave option is available. Please keep in mind cleanliness and health when packing snacks. Do not send snacks that contain nuts of any kind.

Does my child need to bring supplies?

Students do not need to bring supplies or equipment with them for classes other than proper attire and footwear (especially for sports classes). Please remember to send participants with a water bottle. If students are going outside for any of their classes, please apply an adequate amount of sunscreen to them before dropping them off. Staff will not apply sunscreen.

What if my child has medications for allergies? What if I need to contact the nurse?

Contact the summer nurse staff at summernurses@natickps.org with any questions. You can also reach them at 508-647-6604. If your child requires in-school medications, please remember to drop the medication off at the nurse's office on Monday morning between 8:00 am - 9:00 am of each new week.

What if I qualify for the Free and Reduced Price Meal Program? Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts on a case-by-case basis if your child qualifies for the Free and Reduced Price Meal Program. If you would like to apply for financial assistance this summer please email the program director of the program you are registering for. The link can also be found below and at the end of this website. All families need to apply for financial assistance this summer with a new FY 25 form. Unfortunately, we cannot accept families who have qualified for FY 24. Once you apply, your application will be reviewed in short order and you will receive a notification if it has been approved.

Financial Assistance Intake Form (This is the preferred form to fill out. Once you complete the form you will be given the FY 25 Form)

Financial Assistance FY 25 Form

Application Instructions

Spanish Application



Summer Enrichment

Grades: K-8

Schedule: Monday through Thursday: 8:00 a.m to 12:15 p.m. daily

Sign up for Kinder Kickstart (pre K), Kids Club (rising 1st-2nd), The Elementary Experience (rising 3rd-5th), or Middle School Mania (rising 6th - 8th). Each program consists of five classes throughout the day that include fun enrichments as well as academics. Please sign up on Active by the grade level your child will enter in fall 2024.

Summer Scholars

Grades: K-8

Schedule: Monday through Thursday: 45 minutes of academics daily

This program offers both Language and Literacy and Math courses based on grade level that will get students ready for the upcoming school year. A focus will also be placed on executive function skills. Please sign up on Active by the grade level your child will enter in fall 2024.

Extended School Year

For qualifying students enrolled in special education. Guardians will receive a letter if their child qualified for Extended School Year services

Learning Center & Enrichment

For qualifying learning center students also interested in the summer enrichment program.

Credit Recovery

Natick High School students must be recommended by their school counselors.

Summer Strength and Conditioning

Summer Athletics for 6-12 grade students.

Looking for financial assitance? Find out if you qualify before ​registering by beginning this process here:

Financial Assistance Intake Form